M31 Life Science


Measure and improve the efficiency of your medical devices today.


We develop digital products integrated with hardware to make your medical devices digital.


Life Science

M31 Pulsar

Your device will emit its information like a pulsar.

Firmware and software components collect information about device status, configuration, calibration, usage and interactions and publish them to all users interacting with the devices

M31 Gravity

Gravity is the ruler of cosmic interaction.

M31 Gravity is the business logic acting on your data and user interaction. You can control your system sending commands and connecting data from the real world to your application/business logic.

M31 Newton

Motion of cosmic objects are regulated by Newton’s laws of motion. 

M31 Newton is a kit of hardware boards, firmware and software to control the motion of components inside your device.

M31 Blackhole

Nothing can escape from a blackhole.

The storage of your data inside the blockchain. Data recorded inside M31 blackhole can’t be modified, deleted or tempered.

M31 Einstein

Who knows the mysteries of the universe better than Einstein?

The control room developed for the manufacturers. With Einstein, companies can understand what is happening on the devices and can interact with them and with the customers.

M31 Telescope

We see stars with the telescope.

Set of dashboards to display and visualise information sent by the devices using M31 Pulsar.

Collect data coming from the devices and display through the app and web interfaces to users.

Applied Markets

Liquid Handling

Design of liquid handling systems
Specific workflows for liquid handling
Certification of events on blockchain
Data collection for device improvement

Dispositivo da laboratorio


Design of sterilization systems

Specific workflows for sterilization system
Certification of sterilization processes on blockchain
Tag management for identification of treated objects

Medical Refrigerator

Design of refrigerator systems
Specific workflows for refrigerator systems
Certification of temperature and offline on blockchain
Smart alerts on temperature patterns
Inventory management with tag and rfid


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The Platform is the place where all the data gathered from your devices are stored.

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