How we work

A multi-layer platform that enables the communication and data flow between medical devices and cloud.

All the components of your medical system into a Digital and Secure Environment.

Collaborate, connect and share data within your medical ecosystem.

Medical IoT Platform

We design modules and features to allows Manufacturers and operators to manage the entire lifecycle of their systems. 


Connect multiple devices to the platform to gather data about usage, status and updates.


Effective handling of numerous types of devices over different types of communication protocols to feed data into the cloud.


It is possible to configure and modify the Platform to meet your needs. 


Assign permission and restrictions to any operator or end-user who interacts with the platform, devices and events.

Business Logics

Add additional and custom business logics to your devices with triggered events for M2M automation to keep operators always informed and allowing them to interact. 


Deliver and organise data clearly and concisely to those who need to know and operate.

Solutions and Case Studies

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How we work

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Plans and pricing

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