What we do

Our mission is to start and support highly innovative companies that enhance scientific research and lead to societal progress.

Our main area of expertise is the application of information technologies – automated information systems in particular. 

We provide our clients with all methods, skills and technologies we make use of to design, realize, and launch innovative solutions and products.

Here is what we offer:

Business Creators

As passionate life-long learners, we are committed to contributing to the growth of forward-thinking companies with strong vision and values. When we believe in an idea, we devote all our resources and skills to transforming it into a new business and making it flourish – also providing an initial investment if needed. 

We are constantly looking for researchers and inventors who are eager to put their scientific research and ideas into practice, and companies which intend to enhance their intellectual property, skills and technologies in new markets or accelerate their innovation process.

Technology Transfer

Our technological sector focuses on Automatica, which encompasses automatic control systems, perception technologies, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, cyber-physical systems, and human-machine interaction.

 By transferring technology and integrating our skills with those of our partners, we conceive, design, and develop innovative products and systems together with our clients.

Products and Solutions 

To maximize productivity, we integrate solutions and develop intermediate products (internally or in collaboration with our partners). 

An ad hoc page will be online soon. For now, contact us at [email protected] to learn more.