Our Mission: Exploring the Galaxy of Innovation

To M31, innovation means realizing the positive impact on society of scientific research.

Business Creators

We start and support new companies by enhancing their know-how, intellectual property, and technologies.

Technology Transfer

We offer industrial design and engineering services to develop integrated solutions and products.


What We Do

M31 promotes entrepreneurial enterprises by enabling technology startups to translate scientific knowledge into competitive products and deliver successful solutions to our clients.

Our Fields of Research

We work with technology companies, startups, and research centers to apply information engineering and automation methodologies and bring innovation into the following areas.

The human being

We develop systems and devices designed to measure, study, and analyze human actions and gestures. We have a keen interest in biomedical and wearable devices and their applications in such fields as medicine, sport, and wellness.


We design and develop automatic machines, with a special emphasis on embedded and cloud control systems. Our interests include cyber-physical systems, models, control, and simulation as well as their applications to manufacturing, transport, and smart cities.


We design and develop human-machine interface systems, focusing on immersive technologies, augmented reality, gesture recognition, and tactile interfaces.

D-eye su Nature

La partecipata di M31 sulle pagine della più prestigiosa rivista scientifica al mondo.