Smart Cities & Automation

What area is more conducive to technology use than the efficiency and automation of tasks in our daily lives, at home, in the office, in the field of work?

M31 has implemented a variety of automation projects in a myriad of environments, from healthcare automation to photographic process automation to next-generation smart homes.

IoT/Cloud digital platform for next-generation pellet stoves with mobile and cloud automation and advanced telemetry for manufacturers and maintainers.

Hw/Cloud/IoT platform for automatic and smart waste collection management. IoT, Mobile, Embedded hardware.

Hw/Cloud/IoT platform for managing automated cafeterias, with detection of individual dispensing, drinks consumed, and drinking behavior. Remote BI and management platform.

Automation platform for professional photo studios, with support for major brands of digital SLRs. IoT. Embedded networking. MFi.

Augmented reality solution for viewing conduits and pipes under the road surface during structural works and interventions. AR/VR. Mobile.

Automation of monitoring and care processes of RSA (Assisted Living Residence) patients for the benefit of physicians, OSS and nurses. IoT. Mobile. Biomed.

Automation system for Smart Home based on multi-bus and multi-protocol technologies.

Virtual and augmented reality platform for training of technicians who have to carry out interventions in ICT sites of particular complexity. IoT. AR/VR.