Monitoring and Security

The first project we started with was a security project, where we applied evolved motion detection to an environmental monitoring system in the international arena.

Since then, our team has continued in the application of the latest technologies to the areas of safety of property and people, monitoring of equipment and machinery, and maximizing the efficiency of tools and processes.

Surveillance platform with “smart” cameras capable of understanding and following “events” and situations, decentralized connected on a high fault tolerance network. Vision algorithms. IoT.

Vessel anti-theft and anti-sinking system with position monitoring and tilt analysis. Narrowband-IoT.

RemoteControl: IoT platform for connecting devices of all kinds to control and management backends on the Cloud. Data ingestion and data lake features. Engine based on massively distributed Kubernetes/Docker. UI via Web and/or Mobile devices.

Narrowband-IoT and Cloud platform for monitoring the health status of superconductors in MRI apparatuses in the domain of difficult connectivity.