M31 Technologies

Each project is a unique and specific journey-this does not mean “reinventing the wheel,” however-that is why M31 has developed and has available a portfolio of technologies and know-how that allow us to accelerate the development of your services and products.

Along the way, we evaluate with you which of our technologies to reuse and which, on the other hand, to develop from scratch.

Technologies and know-how


Mechatronic platform that integrates AI and Vision, enables accelerated development of precision liquid handling devices (Liquid Handlers).


Cloud+IoT platform to make any object smart and integrated with the Cloud, with the purpose of enabling remote analysis, monitoring and management.


Hardware/IoT and Cloud platform that enables the development of new product lines for renewable energy heat geneation.


NarrowBand-IoT / Cloud transmission and monitoring technology that can connect devices and machinery to the Cloud in situations of difficult connectivity and power failure.


Integration platform for Telemedicine “2.0,” capable of immediate and transparent integration of sensors and platforms intended for remote patient monitoring.