Our Story

M31 was founded in 2007 by a group of entrepreneurs, university researchers and professionals with a passion for technology, coordinated by Ruggero Frezza.

Since its establishment, the heart of M31 has been its engineering team-in its 15 years of operation, the Company has carried out more than a hundred innovation projects benefiting its own startups, area enterprises and large groups.

Our vision is to support our clients in realizing their innovation ideas through the application of state-of-the-art technologies and university research outputs.

All of this embodies our “With You. Beyond.”

Our Path

  • 2007: Establishment and launch of M31 with the technology incubation model.
  • 2013: After launching seven technology startups in Italy, M31 decides to invest in the United States with M31 inc.
  • 2014: M31 acquires Seedlab, an accelerator program for technology startups.
  • 2018: Adaptica, a spinoff of M31 that specializes in developing optical products for various applications and focuses on creating complete systems for ophthalmic diagnostics, is acquired by the He Vision Group.
  • 2019: Centervue, an M31 spinoff specializing in the development and market introduction of several successful products for the diagnosis of retinal diseases, is acquired by Revenio Group.
  • 2022: Uqido, an M31 spinoff specializing in virtual reality, augmented reality and frontier software applications, is acquired by the Celli Group.
  • 2023: M31 obtains the status of Technology Transfer Center under the Industry 4.0 Plan, officially recognized by Unioncamere.
  • 2023: M31 becomes a technology partner of SMACT-one of the 8 Industry 4.0 Competence Centers established in Italy at the urging of the Ministry of Economic Development, in Padua.

We are based in Padua, Italy, at 77 Niccolò Tommaseo Street, within walking distance of the engineering, physics and mathematics departments of the University of Padua, with which we have a strong collaborative relationship.