Your Project

At M31 we live by design: if you have an idea in mind, if you have identified a problem to be solved, a goal to be achieved, invest half a day of your time and come and meet us, and we will give you our best listening to see if we can embark on a development path together.

Our Approach

No matter how new and unexplored, M31 builds each route following a precise and structured process, so as to reduce the risks and contingencies of the exploration itself as much as possible.

F1 – Exploration

It is the phase that cubes the least cost and serves to reduce the most risks and contingencies. You build the best hypothesis to achieve the result and choose the best path: goals, time, cost.

F2 – Development and Testing

Having chosen the design path, the actual product is developed at this stage through a series of iterations following our SCRUM-derived methodology. First prototypes arrive.

F3 – Industrialization

During this phase, the design is fine-tuned to make sure it is engineered and industrialized-getting the best performance at the lowest cost and hardening the product for future market launch or mass production.

F4 – Certification

Obtaining reference certifications for the market for which the product or service is intended–closing the technical documentation and design phase.

F5 – Production

Delivery of the ready-to-market product or service to the Customer.

Get in touch with us and tell us about your challenge-our exploration team is always available to evaluate new routes.