Cloud & Digital Twins

One of the first and most important contributions we bring to our products and projects is to virtualize the products themselves on the Cloud, so that we can always have a digital counterpart to a product, process or machine, which can be remotely “described” digitally by its physical counterpart-a digital twin.

The use of digital twins of physical machines or products enables a wide range of innovations in both technology and business models to be brought to market.

Cloud-based digital twin and in silico simulator of a “Sample to Result” laboratory instrument for DNA extraction and purification and preparation of the subsequent Realtime PCR step.

IoT/Cloud digital platform for next-generation pellet stoves with mobile and cloud automation and advanced telemetry for manufacturers and maintainers.

RemoteControl: IoT platform for connecting devices of all kinds to control and management backends on the Cloud. Data ingestion and data lake features. Engine based on massively distributed Kubernetes/Docker. UI via Web and/or Mobile devices.

Cloud-based digital abstraction and related Narrowband-IoT platform for monitoring the health status of superconductors in MRI apparatuses in the domain of difficult connectivity.